Ex unitate vires

We treat our credo „Unity is strenght” very serious. As a group of special forces enthusiast, we perform intense activity and reach our goals thanks to real commitment of our members – friends for good and bad. Thanks to this selection of fine people, we gathered a team with right attitude in main Poland districts, with units in Gdańsk, Kraków, Poznań, Śląsk, Warszawa and Wrocław (biggest cities in our country).

SGO Gdańsk – VBSS training with former marine special forces unit. 

SGO Wrocław – TCCC course conducted by military paramedic. 

Charity 20 km beach run organised by SGO for treatment of Formoza operator child. 


SGO is also involved in cooperation with other reenactment and military enthusiasts teams in Poland.

Bus assault and hostage rescue simulation conducted by SGO for SWAT reeanctment teams (Łódź, 2012)

CQB training deveoped by SGO for airsoft maniacs. (Warsaw, 2014)

4th edition of „Recon Weekend” training, supported by SGO 

Do it tough, do it real

We don’t want to only look like special forces, we want to train like them and keep our physical capabilities as best as possible. Except shooting, tactical and specialist trainigs we  also focus on crossfit, martial arts.

To become SGO member, recruit needs to be a freak like us and complete numerous physical and mental exams.

Everything is upside down during recruitment

Gdańsk PD SWAT unit obstacle course available for SGO members

Yes, there will be blood. Sometimes real, sometimes just paint. 

BUD/S based recruitment class II/GD/2013

Getting familiar with special forces recruitment methods with Marine Commando Run instructors


Yeap, You might consider all of this as internet bulls###. Well still we were capable of wining special forces community extreme events like:

Formoza Marine Commando Run – 2nd place

GROM Challenge 2nd place in TEAM category.

GF Point – 1st place in individual category and 2nd place in team category.

And of course our Championship, supported by Gdańsk PD SWAT unit. Rest of titles can be found here

Danger close

From the begining, we set our goal to develop close cooperation with members of units which are our inspiration. In 2010 we began trainings with military and law enforment officers. Finally, we reached out to top class instructors who decided to cooperate with us and share some of their experience from special forces service. SGO trained under supervision of great specialists from best european and world class units like GROM, Formoza, JWK and Police SWAT units.

Hand combat training with Police SWAT unit members. 

CQB practice supervised by SWAT instructor.

Martial arts training with Kickboxing European champion coach.  

But enough of this „badass” talk. We are normal, cool guys who understand that we still have alot to learn. We take great pleaserue of exchanging experience during new projects. Like we said at the beging „Ex Unitate Vires”. So don’t hasitate to contact us and begin adventure with beasts from the wild east;)


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